Realytics turns complaints
into revenue growth and increased customer lifetime

Realytics automatically encodes the meaning of customer complaints about each product or service
Make informed business decisions based on tangible insights from customer feedback
Track customers' feedback to quality of service
Realytics automatically extracts the meaning of customer complaints from digital channels, including mobile apps, chatbot data, open questions in NPS and CSI, plus data from forms on your website.

Realytics processes data at a speed of up to 250 milliseconds per call, highlights topics, determines sentiment, and categorizes complaints across different business verticals.
Use complaints to establish key growth areas for business
Realytics can classify and identify customer experience (CX) in a robust growing business at every touch point of the customer journey.

Realytics' analytical engine is based on a methodology for extracting value from topics that users mention in messages. Your company's management will have a tool that allows them to see their business's weak points in real time.
Look at your business from different verticals and angles
Realytics allows you to analyze data from a CRM database and external sources, segmenting them by customer categories and platforms used — iOS / Android, cities, etc., to conduct a SWOT analysis of the company’s products in comparison with each other or with competitors.

All analysis tools and results are easily accessible in one interface.

Be the first to know about new customer requests
Realytics automatically classifies all available reviews for a physical location from map services (Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, 2GIS) according to 65+ topics that consumers are talking about.

Find out what your customers love and use that data to make business decisions.

Compare your business, services and products with other players on the market.
Realytics allows you to analyze all the data about your business: reviews on maps, complaints to support, replies from chatbots, polls, and data from CRM, then compare with competitors based on public data from map services, industry forums, review sites, and reviews from online stores.

Make detailed comparisons across 40−80 characteristics for each product or service, and track trends over time across the company and industry.
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92% of customers will permanently leave a business after encountering 2−3 negative experiences.
Why should a business analyze customer experience?
of customers spend more if they receive good service
more is earned by companies that bet on customer experience
Analyzes open questions in NPS, CSI polls, support calls, service reviews from a mobile app, reviews on maps and from review sites, CRM database data, chat bots, and survey results.

Thanks to in-depth textual analysis, Realytics accurately determines the sentiment of reviews and independently highlights characteristics, even if they are not written in the message.
Collects unstructured data
Analyzes requests based on methodology
Realytics analyzes data based on a methodology for deriving value from the topics mentioned.

Before starting a project, we analyze the client's business and highlight the key touchpoints along the customer journey, which helps them to see growth areas.
Finds insights and shows results in actionable reports

Realytics forms an individual set of characteristics for each service, product or point.

Analytics results can be showed in
graphs and presentations at any level: product, brand, or industry as a whole.

No deciphering is needed: the company's management gets an understanding of how to become more competitive.
How the technology works
Focus on priorities, we’ll take care of the complaints
High onboarding speed
With Realytics, you have access to a complete bird’s-eye view of the situation: from a general overview of the industry, you can zoom right down to the characteristics of a certain service, outlet or product.
Self Service — You can start using the full version of the service "out of the box" in less than 10 minutes.

Everything is already set up for every major industry.
High processing precision
The personalized analysis model provides the highest level of accuracy for every industry and client. Realytics analyzes data with 95% accuracy, highlighting industry-specific topics and understanding context and tone.
High delivery speed
Feedback processing in 250 milliseconds.

Flexible integrations with CRM systems and support services.
Realytics helps you understand your customers

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